Eno Consulting Group brings the best-in-class partners together to serve you. We carefully build and cultivate relationships with industry experts who deliver top-notch solutions for private and public organizations.

Eno is proud to work closely with Gathi Analytics to deliver data management programs at scale. CEO, Vamsi Kora and his leadership team are valued partners of Eno. Gathi and Eno bring the best of Data Analytics and Program Delivery to answer the most challenging Business Intelligence needs. The Gathi Leadership team brings over 20 years of experience delivering very large and complex data modernization initiatives.

Together, we’ve developed a Data Management Quick-Start package that will deliver actionable data analytics to your business.  Give us your desired outcome, a subset of your data, a few hours of your time and we’ll deliver actionable analytics that will be provide insights to your customers, partners and business in as little as 12 weeks.

Data Management “Quick Start” Package by Eno Consulting Group

Eno has developed a standards-based data requirements elicitation, data modeling, data analysis, and visualization development methodology.  Eno compressed this process in order to create a pilot for your project and provide you a real glimpse into how your project will go and what we will deliver.  We’ve coupled this with Gathi’s iC4™  platform to provide an end-to-end data management experience that is fine tuned to deliver results.

iC4™ by Gathi Analytics

Vamsi and the Gathi team recognized the need for partners to access their data as well as the premium tools to manage that data. Their unique platform leverages only the high-value features that you’d normally find across half a dozen limited and over-priced products.

The proprietary iC4™ platform delivers the ability to Curate, Catalog, Contextualize, and Consume data like never before. Access curated premium features in one central, cost-effective platform. Stop spending money on dozens of expensive products to get the features you need—get them all in one, convenient place with iC4™.

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