REPOST: Announcement Posted August 2020

Eno Consulting Group, a boutique, Florida-based tech company, has partnered with cloud systems giant, Avaya to offer the Avaya Cloud Office. Eno is now able to offer remote workforce desktop subscription-based solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses shifting to the “remote” workforce world for the foreseeable future. 

The Avaya Cloud Office solution (ACO) provides a cockpit style desktop for your users––one with instant messaging, calendars, video conferencing, task management, and more. Keep your favorite office programs on ACO, with 100+ business integrations, like Google Drive and Salesforce. ACO enables you to customize a true unified communications experience. 

Eno’s manager partner, Dion Taylor, explains, “It is estimated that, post COVID, some 60% of workers will return to the workplace, the other 40% are going to remain remote. Some companies have announced all workers are going to work remotely. The workplace as we know it is changed forever. We want to give those companies a solution. Eno and Avaya have come up with the solution.”

Eno is helping companies rightsize their network infrastructure and deploy mission critical applications so clients can focus on their customers and shore up their business. 

“We’re here for the SMB (small and medium businesses) market. The heartbeat of our workforce,” says Taylor. 

Outside of cloud office solutions, Eno is also experienced in data management, telecommunications solutions, fleet management services, hardware and software sales, and implementation services. 

To open a conversation about how Eno can support your business needs, visit its website at