Turns out there’s more to brick and mortar retail than… Well, the bricks and the mortar. If your small business has a strategy ready to scale, you’re probably weighing your IT options. That’s why Eno partners with Cisco to provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the tools they need to succeed in IT security and accessibility. Today, your company’s biggest threats aren’t the ones outside your window. They’re the ones waiting just outside your network. 

Big name tech providers aren’t just for big businesses who can afford their services––Cisco has a variety of options to support small business’ needs and growth at an affordable price through Eno. Companies who are largely responsible for their own data as well as their customers’ data need strong network security to protect against data breaches. This can quickly lead IT departments to be spread thin, especially if your business has an entanglement of providers handling each individual part of cybersecurity. Plus, in a remote world, if you can’t afford hardware for your whole team, staffers working from personal laptops, tablets, and phones will leave even bigger holes for a breach to get through.  

Cisco created Cisco Meraki to combat this exact problem––from one cloud-managed, best-in-class dashboard, you can manage security threats from all entry points on one screen. No more flipping between screens, dashboards, or personnel to get to the root of the problem.  

Hackers know their victims’ best weaknesses, but so does Cisco. That’s why they routinely publish cybersecurity threat findings as well as their latest solutions to combat them in real time. For example, Cisco Umbrella Investigate protects your Domain Name System (DNS), or the technology that translates written website names into computer communicated IP addresses. In 2019 study, Cisco found that hackers pivoting through this infrastructure was a top cyberattack of the year. Umbrella Investigate helps IT departments track changes in DNS records so you can anticipate and combat an attack ahead of time and at its earliest moments 

Cisco AMP for Endpoints helps remote offices reaching across city or state lines. As more devices are added to your team’s network, more entry points are exposed for hackers. AMP for Endpoints blocks malware upon arrival, then detects and remediates more advanced threats so devices can proactively fight Remote Access Trojans, or RATs, attempting to log into private servers and leak valuable company information. Your team deserves to communicate without fear. As information travels, Cisco also protects with email security to fight against phishing and digital extortion.  

To gain all this protection and more, Cisco offers Cisco Threat Response (CTR). The platform automates and accelerates advanced security functions, so your personnel can focus on tackling breaches head-on, instead of dizzily following a hacker’s path through a maze of different vendors’ layers of protection. Layering up your security is a good thing, as long as it’s all from one seamless provider like Cisco and installed by a business that fights for fair pricing, like Eno